Squishy - Cute little Stressbusters (Pack of 2)

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Bust your stress with Squishies because squishing is good!


We as humans are not all about cut-throat attitude and toxic work ethic, we are also about squealing to our heart's content when we hear the word Squishies. Am I right or am I right? Squishies have been taking place of the much-hyped fidget-spinner because they are known to reduce your anxiety and nervous vibes in a jiffy thanks to their satisfying texture.

If you do not come into the zone of anxiousness, then fret not because they can ease your loneliness and can help you simply fidget adorably. Either add it into your comfort zone or gift this pile of mush to someone you love.

  • The cutest minis in town
  • Available in various shapes and sizes
  • Packed in adorable blue and pink boxes
  • Can relieve all your stress in minutes
  • Perfect gift for your little one or for your always stressed colleague
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